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soul of man, " mere speed, mere power ** ? What
can the young do better than subdue their
natural urgency to live and do ? What has mere
life to do with the religious outlook ? The war,
these Vatican propagandists insist, is a " crusade "
against modernism, against socialism and free
thought, the restoration of priestly authority is
its end ; our sons are fighting to enable the priest
to thrust his pious uncleanliness once again
between reader and book, child and knowledge,
husband and wife, sons and lovers. While
honest men are fighting now to put an end to
military aggression, to resume indeed that " war
to end war " that was aborted to give us the
League of Nations, these bigots are sedulously
perverting the issue, trying to represent it as a
religious war against Russia in particular and
the modern spirit in general.
The well-trained Moslem, the American funda-
mentalist, the orthodox Jew, all the fixed cultures,
produce similar irrelevant and wasteful resist-
ances, but the Catholic organisation reaches
further and is more persistent. It is frankly
opposed to human effort and the idea of progress.
It makes no pretence about it.
Such cross-activities as these complicate, delay
and may even sabotage effectively every effort
to solve the problem of a lucid collectivisation